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I switched to clipless pedals

Posted <2020-01-21 Tue 21:28> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I decided to try clipless pedals. My only (admittedly weak) justification of this is that I'm sick of my feet slipping off the pedals while cycling in the rain. Aside from that, it's just something I wanted to learn to do.

This is what I ended up going with,

Yes, that's right, I ended up going with mountain bike shoes. I think the pedals are intended for mountain biking too. I heard from several people they are better for more casual riding. The shoes are easier to walk in? I don't know what I'm talking about.

I went for a quick ride on the roads around my house, unclipping and clipping back in a few times. It feels fairly natural, perhaps easier than getting into my stupid straps on my old pedals. Let's see how my ride to work goes tomorrow morning. Hopefully I won't fall off.

Here are some pics of the gear:

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