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I keep this page up to date with the interesting (to me) items I have obtained. This is primarily so I have an easy way to check model numbers etc of what I have. If you are a collector please take a look at the items I have listed under "trades/free/wanted".



Manufacturer Item Hostname
Acorn BBC Master 128 I should get one of these
Digital (DEC) PDP-11/73 in BA11 chassis catbert.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) / Unimation PDP-11/02 ish
Digital (DEC) VAX 4000-400 vaxbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from bnl
Digital (DEC) VAXstation 3100 M76 dilbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) VAXstation 3100 M38 dogbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) DECstation 5000/200 decbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
HP 712/60 Workstation skippy.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Sun Blade 150 Workstation blade.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Sun Netra T1 105 prestine.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from Nistur
Sun Netra T1 105 scruffy.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from Nistur
Sun SPARCserver 20 sparcle.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from Nistur
Sun Ultra 60 mono.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from Nistur


Manufacturer Item Quantity
Cumana CDX 800S 5.25" Dual Floppy for BBC 1
Compaq DLT4000 Tape Drive 1
Epson LQ-570+ Dot Matrix Printer 1
Digital (DEC) VR290 Colour Monitor 1 Free to a good home
Digital (DEC) VT420 Terminal - green phosphor 2
Digital (DEC) VT420 Terminal - amber phosphor 3 2 at Comp Sci, one a bit broken
Digital (DEC) LK401 Keyboard 2
Digital (DEC) LK201 Keyboard 1 given to bnl
Digital (DEC) SX12 SCSI Expansion Unit 1
Digital (DEC) RZ23 SCSI Drive 100MB 3
Digital (DEC) RZ25 SCSI Drive 400MB 1
Digital (DEC) RRD430DA SCSI CD-ROM Drive 1
Digital (DEC) VSXXX-AA Mouse 2
Digital (DEC) RL02 Drive 2 One is a bit of a parts drawer
Digital (DEC) RX02 Drive 1
Digital (DEC) RL02 Data Cartridge 3 Two seem to have crashed D:
Digital (DEC) RX02 Floppy Disks enough
Seagate RZ29 Compatible SCSI Drive 4.3GB 1
Fujitsu M2266SA SCSI Drive 1GB 1
  1. Q-bus cards

    Number Name Description Installed in
    M8192 KDJ11-A CPU PDP-11/73 (22 bit) PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M8067-LA MSV11-PL 512K Memory PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M8067-LA MSV11-PL 512K Memory PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M7195 MXV11-BF Multifunction (Dual SLU, RAM, ROM) PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M8061 RLV12 RL01/RL02 Controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    UC07 Emulex SCSI PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M7504 DEQNA Ethernet controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M8029 RXV21 LSI RX02 Floppy Controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
    M7270 KD11-HA CPU PDP-11/02 (16 bit) Unimation PDP-11/02
    F056 Unofficial RAM Unimation PDP-11/02
    F056 Unofficial RAM Unimation PDP-11/02
    M8043 DLV11-J 4 line async SLU Unimation PDP-11/02
    ? Unimation 16 EPROM Unimation PDP-11/02
    ? 64 bit parallel I/O card Unimation PDP-11/02
    ? Unimation controller card Unimation PDP-11/02
    M7195 MXV11-BF Multifunction (Dual SLU, RAM, ROM) Spare
    M8043 DLV11-J 4 line async SLU Spare
    MXV21 MTI Shugart Floppy Controller Spare
    M7546 TQK50-AA TK50 Tape controller Spare
    UC07 Emulex SCSI Spare


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