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I keep this page up to date with the interesting (to me) items I have obtained. This is primarily so I have an easy way to check model numbers etc of what I have. If you are a collector please take a look at the items I have listed under "trades/free/wanted".



Manufacturer Item Hostname
Acorn BBC Master 128 I should get one of these
Digital (DEC) PDP-11/73 in BA11 chassis catbert.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) / Unimation PDP-11/02 ish
Digital (DEC) VAX 4000-400 vaxbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk from bnl
Digital (DEC) VAXstation 3100 M76 dilbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) VAXstation 3100 M38 dogbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Digital (DEC) DECstation 5000/200 decbert.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
HP 712/60 Workstation skippy.nat.rhwyd.co.uk
Sun Blade 150 Workstation blade.rhwyd.co.uk


Manufacturer Item Quantity
Cumana CDX 800S 5.25" Dual Floppy for BBC 1
Compaq DLT4000 Tape Drive 1
Epson LQ-570+ Dot Matrix Printer 1
Digital (DEC) VR290 Colour Monitor 1 Free to a good home
Digital (DEC) VT420 Terminal - green phosphor 2
Digital (DEC) VT420 Terminal - amber phosphor 3 2 at Comp Sci, one a bit broken
Digital (DEC) LK401 Keyboard 2
Digital (DEC) LK201 Keyboard 1 given to bnl
Digital (DEC) SX12 SCSI Expansion Unit 1
Digital (DEC) RZ23 SCSI Drive 100MB 3
Digital (DEC) RZ25 SCSI Drive 400MB 1
Digital (DEC) RRD430DA SCSI CD-ROM Drive 1
Digital (DEC) VSXXX-AA Mouse 2
Digital (DEC) RL02 Drive 2
Digital (DEC) RX02 Drive 1
Digital (DEC) RL02 Data Cartridge 2
Digital (DEC) RX02 Floppy Disks enough
Seagate RZ29 Compatible SCSI Drive 4.3GB 1
Fujitsu M2266SA SCSI Drive 1GB 1

Q-bus cards

Number Name Description Installed in
M8192 KDJ11-A CPU PDP-11/73 (22 bit) PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M8067-LA MSV11-PL 512K Memory PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M8067-LA MSV11-PL 512K Memory PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M7195 MXV11-BF Multifunction (Dual SLU, RAM, ROM) PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M8061 RLV12 RL01/RL02 Controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
UC07 Emulex SCSI PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M7504 DEQNA Ethernet controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M8029 RXV21 LSI RX02 Floppy Controller PDP-11/73 (catbert)
M7270 KD11-HA CPU PDP-11/02 (16 bit) Unimation PDP-11/02
F056 Unofficial RAM Unimation PDP-11/02
F056 Unofficial RAM Unimation PDP-11/02
M8043 DLV11-J 4 line async SLU Unimation PDP-11/02
? Unimation 16 EPROM Unimation PDP-11/02
? 64 bit parallel I/O card Unimation PDP-11/02
? Unimation controller card Unimation PDP-11/02
M7195 MXV11-BF Multifunction (Dual SLU, RAM, ROM) Spare
M8043 DLV11-J 4 line async SLU Spare
MXV21 MTI Shugart Floppy Controller Spare
M7546 TQK50-AA TK50 Tape controller Spare
UC07 Emulex SCSI Spare


Things I would like to go to a good home:

Things I would like to see in my home (happy to pay reasonable prices):

Other Stuff

There are some PDP-11s which are remotely accessible:

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