My PhD work focused on deep learning applied to the human face and was supervised by Dr Yorgos Tzimiropoulos. My work included 3D reconstruction, face alignment and semantic part segmentation. You can find me on Google Scholar too.

A copy of my PhD thesis is available on GitHub with a pdf provided as a release.

Z.K.J. Hartley, A.S. Jackson, M. Pound and A.P. French
GANana - Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Volumetric Regression of Fruit
Plant Phenomics, September 2021 PDF
A.S. Jackson, C. Manafas and G. Tzimiropoulos
3D Human Body Reconstruction from a Single Image via Volumetric Regression
ECCV 2018 Workshops - PeopleCap 2018 PDF
E. Benson, M.P. Pound, A.P. French, A.S. Jackson and T.P. Pridmore
Deep Hourglass for Brain Tumor Segmentation
International MICCAI Brainlesion Workshop
A.S. Jackson, A. Bulat, V. Argyriou and G. Tzimiropoulos
Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression
ICCV 2017 PDF Online Demo
M. Pound, J. Atkinson, A. Townsend, M. Wilson, M. Griffiths, ...
Deep machine learning provides state-of-the-art performance in image-based plant phenotyping
GigaScience, Volume 6, Issue 10, 2017 Paper
A.S. Jackson, M. Valstar and G. Tzimiropoulos
A CNN Cascade for Landmark Guided Semantic Part Segmentation
ECCV 2016 Workshops - Geometry Meets Deep Learning PDF
L.I. Kuncheva, J.J. Rodríguez and A.S. Jackson
Restricted Set Classification: Who is there?
Pattern Recognition, 63, 2017, 158-170. PDF
L.I. Kuncheva and A.S. Jackson
Who is missing? A new pattern recognition puzzle
S+SSPR, 2014, Joensuu, Finland, Springer, LNCS 8621 243–252. PDF


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