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Quick Update

Posted <2015-10-23 Fri 22:18> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Well, I have been living in Nottingham for a month now. I'm pretty happy here. I'm less aware of the constant noise, so I believe I am sleeping better and not so stressed while awake.

I have comfortably settled into my flat and office, although the desk chair in both locations is a constant disappointment. My flatmates are quite fine, although one of them did microwave something in tin foil. The microwave is now completely broken. Apparently a new one has been ordered, so not a huge problem…

A university is a nice place to work, the environment is relaxed but everyone is very knowledgeable. It's fun to be surrounded by such smart people.

The city centre is my least favourite place, so I have only been there three or four times. I typically just buy things online instead, it is cheaper and I am a bit fan of user submitted reviews (which are hopefully unbiased and not tainted by the manufacturer).

While on the topic of buying things, I bought a TV! Not completely sure why, but it is nice to relax to a show or music in the evenings. I also got a Chromecast, although quite cheap, second hand, from a friend. It seems pretty good. Currently I am watching the Fargo TV series.

This month my left eye lid has been twitching pretty much every five minutes for about a minute. It's driving me mad and I don't know why it is doing it. Also, for the past week I have had a cold. So, not too good on the health front, but I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days.

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