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Monthly Review: October 2015

Posted <2015-11-01 Sun 12:22> by Aaron S. Jackson.

This month has gone very quickly!

I have had a good month apart from two weeks of a cold and a month of a twitchy eye. I'm not sure why my eye is still twitching…

Office Hours

Ah, and here is something new this month! A plot of my office hours…

Office Hours for October 2015

Apparently I spent a total of 139.35 hours in my office this month. Although, I know it is more than this. I missed two days at the beginning.

Sleep Data

Sleep and wake times for October 2015

I spent more than 256.6 hours sleeping this month. This is quite a bit more than last month, despite getting up at eight almost every day. It seems I forgot to press the sleep button on a Saturday during the middle of the month. The four or so hours of sleep I got in the afternoon is when I went home sick, and literally just slept all afternoon. Since moving here I seem to have a fairly decent sleep routine, although my bedtimes vary quite a bit. Finally, just look how loud it is here! Too many undergraduates partying.

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