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Glorious X220

Posted <2016-04-08 Fri 23:25> by Aaron S. Jackson.

After putting up with the Dell XPS 2015 for nearly a year, I finally decided enough was enough. I came across a very nice pre-owned ThinkPad X220 on eBay for ~£160.

Here are the specs:

The battery can hold about 60% of its original, which will apparently give me 2hr30min of runtime. This is not quite as good as the XPS but I don't really use my laptop without power very often.

The keyboard feels absolutely beautiful compared to the XPS, not quite as nice as a Cherry G80-3000, but still very decent for a laptop.

I am pretty happy with the display. It is running at 1366x768 but my eye sight isn't great so I am very happy with this sort of DPI.

<2016-12-23 Fri 15:33> Quick update after using it for six months or so. I still love it. Best laptop I have ever had. No plans to replace or upgrade it.

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