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No-NAT ISP Comparison Chart

Posted <2016-08-22 Mon 17:33> by Aaron S. Jackson.

<2016-08-29 Mon 10:05> Update: Just placed an order with Zen Internet. Order process was over the phone, very straight forward and friendly. A /29 block of IPv4 addresses has been allocated. IPv6 will be enabled. Highly recommended so far… Let's see how it goes :)

I've put together a comparison table of all the ISPs I could find able to offer a routed subnet. This chart includes only FTTC packages without a restriction on speed (i.e. up to 76Mbps).

Woav Freeola Zen AAISP Aquiss
IPv4 Subnet Yes /29 (1) Yes /29 (2) Yes /29 Yes /29 Yes /29
…How? Request Order Form Request Request (5) Default
…Fee? Free £15.00 Free (4) Free Included
IPv6 Subnet No Yes /56 Yes /48 Yes /48 Yes /56
…How? - Request Request Default Default
…Fee? - Free Free Free Free
Reverse DNS Unknown PTR only (3) PTR only NS, CNAME, PTR PTR only
Allowance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1TB Unlimited
Trust Pilot No Reviews 8.6/10 9.1/10 6.9/10 No Reviews
FTTC £13.00/mo £32.99/mo £30.00/mo £48.00/mo £40.00/mo
Line Rental £19.00/mo £9.98/mo £16.00/mo £12.00/mo £13.00/mo
Total £32.00/mo £42.97/mo £46.00/mo £60.00/mo £53.00/mo

Some comments:

  1. Apparently multiple blocks of /29 can be assigned, but there might be a charge for additional blocks. Also, they may not be contiguous to form a full /28.

  2. I asked if a /28 would be available and they said no.

  3. It is not possible to update Reverse DNS from the control panel (apparently). Instead you must contact support and provide a name for each address. Pretty ridiculous.

  4. The website makes numerous claims that they are £0.50/month each, but I have an email saying a /29 subnet is free. Although, this might just be for their home broadband. For the smaller business, you can have more than 8 addresses, but perhaps they then charge 50p per address. So, if I wanted /28 that would be £8/month.

  5. When I contacted them to ask, it seemed more like an exception than a common thing that is done. So maybe not guaranteed.

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