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Sun Blade 150

Posted <2016-10-06 Thu 20:40> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I came across a Sun Blade 150 on eBay for £30. I have been fairly interested in Sun machines for quite a while, so I thought I may as well. It came fairly poorly packaged… literally just wrapped in some cardboard, but it works. I have installed OpenBSD 6.0 on it, and have been using it for over one week now. The default window manager, Fvwm, is quite nice to use. I have not yet decided whether I want to put this on my old computers page… It is not that old, and still very usable. Here is a photo of blade, the Sun Blade 150, next to awk.

And here is a bonus pic of my loft desk setup. Tom has a desk behind mine.

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