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ECCV 2016, Amsterdam

Posted <2016-10-10 Mon 09:13> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I am currently at ECCV 2016 (European Conference on Computer Vision), which is being held in Amsterdam this year. It is a great opportunity to explore the city as I have never been before, but first I had to stand next to my poster. Unfortunately the saw-wave layout of posters made it a little difficult to see mine through the crowd of the more popular poster to my right (it was good work, he had an oral, his paper is on arXiv). My work was about guiding semantic part segmentation using landmarks, demonstrated on human faces. Our paper can be seen on my university website. Anyway, here is my supervisor (Yorgos), the poster and myself:

The following evening we went for a few drinks. I stuck to Amsterdam brewed IPAs: Green Bullet, Gaia, Brouweij. They first two were very nice, the last one got a bit weird.

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