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Bike needs repairing, but is it worth it?

Posted <2017-01-03 Tue 23:09> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Unfortunately I got hit by a car on the way to work on Monday morning. I would say it was going a bit fast and I was crossing the side road, which has a marked cycle path painted onto it with give way lines. Since the hit was in between the give way markings I do not accept responsibility. It is unlucky that the road was slightly icy too. Here is a diagram (taken from this website) of what the road looks like where the accident takes place.

I was flipped over the car and didn't sustain any serious injuries. I have some aching in my upper right arm and my lower right rib hurts slightly. I think it's probably just bruising so it should be better soon. Unfortunately my bike was not so lucky. The wheel ended up entirely under the car tyre, so it is very bent. The fork isn't looking too good either. Here are some photos.

The two parts I will definitely need to replace are:

I am wondering if I also need to replace the front brakes. The annoying thing is that the bike was only £160. Needs more thought.

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