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Posted <2017-04-14 Fri 20:04> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Lew and I went down to Cambridge for a couple of days this week to see visit The Centre for Computing History. It was a nice trip and we saw "a few" computers. Here are some photos! :)

Lew with a big computer. Unfortunately I don't remember what is was. However, the big boxes behind him are hard disks.

Yay! A PDP8/e. Nice to toggle the switches, but unfortunately not powered up.

Lew playing with a type writer in an Office of the 80s.

Me with a couple of faceless PDP11s. I think one was a PDP11/23 and the other was a PDP11/73. I waned to take them back with me.

Oooh. What's this?

Off we go back home.

Over all, a good trip. Would have been nice to see a PDP11/70, or any PDP11 that isn't LSI, but never mind. Worth the trip.

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