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Finally started insulating the loft

Posted <2017-11-14 Tue 22:58> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Almost one year ago exactly I posted about insulating and boarding up the loft. Well, now I've actually started doing it. I went with 25mm thick polystyrene insulation board, at £2.18/board. I've covered over half of the roof area which I plan to insulate with 20 boards and that cost me £43.60. To finish the area I want to cover it will probably take 15 sheets or so.

However, that isn't going to keep the heat in.

The part I'm not planning to cover is the eaves. For these, I am thinking about putting up wooden studs, insulate between them, and then board over those.

However, before I can do that I want to get an electrician in to drop a cable down to the main consumer unit and add a small 3-way consumer unit in the loft. These will be for:

Although, depending on cost, I might just end up having a ring main installed in the loft. Not quite as ideal but I don't want to spend too much.

There are brick walls on either side of the loft (terraced house). They get very cold and I should insulate those too. For this I am thinking of something similar to the eaves. Studs, air gap, insulation, board. It'll also be convenient for installing power and network sockets.

Plenty to think about.

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