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RX02 Drives are working! Say hello to RT-11

Posted <2017-12-17 Sun 11:17> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Dave popped round yesterday so we could try his RX02 drive in my PDP-11, which worked, which meant the controller he had sent me definitely works. We had a play for a bit and once he left I tried the RT-11 floppies in my own RX02 drive hooked up to my PDP-11. To my amazement, the thing booted! Here is me and Tom trying to figure out how Chess, even after reading the manual:

So, let me try and explain why I came to the conclusion my drive wasn't working, when it fact, it mostly and probably was.

So it was a combination of, A) having no boot disks, B) VTserver not working for some reason and C) a random piece of wire lying across the board.

I want to boot into LSX UNIX (a compressed v7 for RX02 floppies), but VTserver does not work, so I am not sure how I can make a floppy. I might try PDP11GUI, since it appears to be working under Wine.

There is still plenty to be done. I still don't have my RL02 drives working, and there could be a number of issues with that:

Still, I am making progress and having fun along the way. My eventual setup will hopefully be something like this:

His name is catbert and he will be on the Internet one day. :)

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