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Bittersweet Victory

Posted <2018-02-04 Sun 00:21> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I've been ignoring my PDP-11 for the past month or so.

Tonight I switched out the MXV11 multi-function card in my PDP-11 which had bad memory. After reprogramming the EPROMS and wrapping several jumpers, Catbert the PDP-11/73 now runs 2.11BSD well, and doesn't seem to be crashing. When it is powered up, it hosts a website here, and I can even send and receive email with it.

Earlier last month, my friend bnl, who I have mentioned many times on my website (usually to do with PDP-11s), passed away. We spent a lot of time together trying to get Catbert (and his own PDP-11s) running. He also helped me source catbert in the first place.

Getting the machine working felt good, but mostly sad. I miss sharing the excitement with him.

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