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Goodbye escher, thanks for all the mail

Posted <2019-11-30 Sat 12:45> by Aaron S. Jackson.

We recently agreed on the sale of our home, which is good but means I have things to sort out. Escher has been our/my home server for a little over three years at this point, which is around the same amount of time we've been living here. He spent his first year as a case-less motherboard, PSU and SSD, all strung together with the various cables. It was a nice day when he finally got a shell.

For that entire time, he's been running OpenBSD 6.0. Even when I first installed it, that was an old release. I don't remember the reason for this. Along side his duties as a mail server, he also ran BIND and dhcpd, both cobbled together with some weird scripts to do static mappings based on DNS and /etc/ethers entries (zone files are somewhat more versatile than a hosts file). Finally, he also hosted this website, along with a few scripts for task automation.

Escher was replaced last night with a VPS on Scaleway and will be atleast, until we've moved into a new home and have everything sorted out properly again. The last thing to do was temporarily migrate the dhcp from Escher to my Cisco Catalyst 2950. I say temporarily, in bold, because managing static assignments is fairly ugly under iOS. Each one is essentially it's own single IP pool. Fortunately, easy to write a quick script to generate this config.

I think once settled into a new home, I will probably upgrade the switch to a gigabit switch, and upgrade escher to a small 1U machine. We shall see.

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