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e-ink display for Home Assistant & Grafana

Posted <2022-05-21 Sat 23:13> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Last weekend I stumbled across these Adafruit MagTag e-paper displays. They have an ESP32 microcontoller, a Waveshare e-ink display, speaker and amplifier, NeoPix LEDs, four buttons, and a few other features I forgot. I've been wanting an "internet connected" but not "internet of shit" clock next to my bed for a while - something which can query Home Assistant every so often to display information about the house, while also showing the time. The MagTag seemed perfect for this!

I decided to write it in C++ rather than CircuitPython. I also ended up querying Grafana via InfluxQL, since the Home Assistant API doesn't allow you to re-sample the logged data. Resampling might be quite a lot of work for an ESP32, mainly due to the memory limitations and working with JSON.

The first version was so nice I bought two more displays - one for my desk downstairs, and another one which is unused at the moment.

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