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Growing Elm Oyster Mushrooms

Posted <2022-07-28 Thu 10:31> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Nottingham Vertical Farm grow "micro greens" and mushrooms at a couple of markets in Nottingham. They grow everything indoors within the city centre of Nottingham. They are frequently at Sneinton market on Saturday mornings and I've also seen them at the vegan market in Carrington. It is at the vegan market where I bought a elm oyster grow box.

Unfortunately the box did not grow too well initially - instead it sprouted from all ventilation holes and failed to produce a large fruit.

I messaged the seller and he offered to come over with another box, and also took a look at the current one (which was awesome, thanks!). He suggested removing the existing mushrooms and seeing if they grow back. I ate what I could of those and they were still delicious. The next fruiting was great though.

Then the second box started to fruit!

I'm waiting to see if there is a second fruiting on both boxes now. The first box isn't looking too promising but the second already seems to be pinning.

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