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A more permanent VAX 4000 power supply

Posted <2023-07-09 Sun 09:17> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I had previously spent quite a long time trying to repair the power supply of a VAX 4000, but managed to at least get it powered up and booting using a pair of external power supplies, along side the built in supply (minus the 12v module). There are some pictures of this in an earlier blog post.

At the very least it confirmed that the 12v module wasn't doing anything fancy with the rest of the power supply and that I could safely replace that board with a new 12v module. There wasn't much to it aside from drilling and tapping a few holes in the original heatsink. You might not even know I'd done it from the outside :)

Oh yeah, I also broke one of my M4 taps in the heatsink and couldn't be bothered trying to remove it. So, there will forever be a tap in this power supply.

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