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RSECon 23

Posted <2023-10-26 Thu 10:41> by Aaron S. Jackson.

A couple of years back I made the move from research to research support. The change came fairly easily but making the decision was difficult. I enjoyed doing research and felt that might be missing if I stepped away from it. Last month I attended RSEcon 2023 and it made me aware that in many respects I am still doing research, and contributing back to the community (predominantly the Trusted Research Environment community). For that reason alone, I am glad I got to attend RSECon.

However, perhaps even more importantly, I got to take a selfie with Steve Mould. Originally Matt Parker was scheduled to give our "formal dinner" entertainment - and by the way, formal in this case was at best shorts and flip flops.

Shame I couldn't keep my eyes open.

While in Swansea, I also took the opportunity to meet up with Jez, my friend from the Bangor years. It was great to hangout with you again! We should have taken a selfie.

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