This is my new bike! Arrived early September 2020. It's a Cannondale SuperSix EVO, with a full Shimano 105 groupset, as well as 105 hydraulic disc brakes. It absolutely glides compared to my old bike.

Cycling Computer

I'm using the Garmin Edge 130 cycling computer. This is their low end cycling computer but it's exactly what I want. It doesn't run Android, for a start - it has it's own, simple, operating system. It's proven very reliable and the battery life is quite reasonable given its size. The screen is easy to see during the day, and hitting the power button quickly will light up the screen when it's dark.

Bike Lights

I use the Garmin UT800 front light. It's very bright so I tend to aim this down quite a bit, giving a good spread of light across the road. I let the cycling computer manage this light, which means it gets brighter as I go faster, as well as automatically switch between day flash and beam, as the sunsets or rises.

The rear light is also Garmin - the RTL510. This has a built in radar which lets me know when cars are approaching from behind via the cycling computer. People say mirrors are better, and perhaps in many ways they are, but a mirror doesn't beep at you.

Frame Bag

I don't like filling my jersey pockets with too many things. I keep things like spares, tools, food, etc, in a Restrap large framebag. It fits very nicely on the bike. The bag is handmade in York (I think) and seems to be of very high quality. The photo on the left is actually the framebag on my old bike.

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