Packet Radio

Packet activity around Nottingham

Call - SSID SysOp Type Frequency IP Address Services
G1ZEK-2 G1ZEK Mailbox 144.950
G1ZEK-8 G1ZEK Node 144.950
MB7UES-1 M0SYS Mailbox 144.950
MB7UES-7 M0SYS Node 144.950
G4IRX-2 G4IRX Mailbox 144.950
G4IRX-7 G4IRX TCP/IP 144.950 ICMP, convers on 3600/tcp
M6PIU-10 M6PIU TCP/IP 144.950 ICMP, HTTP, Finger, IP gateway
M6PIU-8 M6PIU TCP/IP 144.950
M6PIU-3 M6PIU Chatroom 144.950
M6PIU-2 M6PIU Mailbox 114.950

I'm currently running a personal pager transmitter on 439.9875MHz. This is the same frequency used by DAPNET, but it is not connected to the DAPNET network.

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