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Monthly Review: December 2015

Posted <2016-01-01 Fri 23:42> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Another fairly uneventful month if you ignore things like Christmas.

Office Hours

Office Hours for December 2015

Only 100 hours. I guess that's what happens over Christmas. Oh well, only 104 hours less than last month… On that Wednesday where I nipped in only briefly, we (Computer Vision Laboratory) went for a nice Christmas dinner. And that Monday morning, well, I went to the dentist.

BTW: Neat bash trick for summing time using org-mode. It can probably be optimised, I just quickly threw things together to do the job quickly. :D

grep "2015-12"  | grep "CLOCK: " | \
awk '{ print $8 }' | tr ':' ' '  | \
awk '{ total = total + $1+$2/60 }END{print total}'

If you are wondering why I can't just use the time table generated by org-mode, it's because I organise by time file by week instead of month. The weeks might intersect the month and I don't want to have reshuffle my times.

Sleep Data

Sleep and wake times for December 2015

This month I slept for roughly 249 hours. Two hours less than last month, but last month was two hours less than the month before. Although I had quite a few lie-ins toward the end of the month, since I was at my parent's home.

It's interesting how much quieter at home North Wales is compared to the undergraduate-populated area I live in. Incidentally, I spent the previous two nights in Nottingham but many of the students haven't returned yet. You can see it is still quiet.

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