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2015 in Pictures

Posted <2016-01-03 Sun 07:00> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I might as well start with a selfie. In January I bought a OnePlus One. Including a banana is the best way to demonstrate the size of an object. However, my phone was the only way I could take a photograph, so I had to get creative.

The resultant happiness of getting a new phone was rapidly smashed. My poor 1992 Nissan Micra, Oily, died of Iron Oxide poisoning. That is to say, it was too rusty and failed its MOT. Here is the last photo I took of Oily.

More bad news was on the way. I discovered my hair was falling out.

Things were looking up! (As opposed to down, so that I could take photos of my head.) I started making bread. This loaf was delicious. Just look at it. So rustic and beautiful.

And then I graduated. What a nice day. My cap was a bit too loose and required constant adjustment. Never mind. This is myself, with my third-year supervisor Lucy, and my friend Tom.

After graduation I went on a trip with my friend Jeremy, all around Anglesey. This trip was to find the four beautiful paintings by Anthony Garratt. In total I think I drove 180 miles that day. It was exhausting, but a lot of fun.

The year took a downer shortly after this. We found out our dog Boo has heart disease. She is doing quite well now that she is on treatment. But here is part of me with Boo in the boot as we took her to the vet.

Just before I moved to Nottingham there was a total disaster with our telephone line. A hedge cutting tractor ripped straight though the line. My mum and I drove around looking for the fault so that we could report it was broken. A BT engineer came the next day.

Finally, I moved to Nottingham. Not much else happened after this. This nice picture of the lake on University Park sums up my time here.

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