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ThinkPad X220 Replacement Battery

Posted <2017-05-31 Wed 18:56> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I have been using my ThinkPad X220 for about 13 months now. I bought it off eBay for £160, which included a docking station. It's in very good condition and I love it! However, over the past few months I've noticed that the runtime from battery has significantly reduced. I can get about 1h30m out of it, which I do not consider to be long enough.

It's a 6 cell original Lenovo battery which is designed to provide 62Wh. According to the Xfce Power Manager, it can now only provide 27Wh.

There are some cheap replacement batteries eBay which claim to be able to provide about 70Wh, but given that these are 9 cell batteries, that seems a bit bad. The genuine Lenovo 9 cells provide 94Wh (apparently). I am trying to decide whether to go genuine or cheap. While I think it is quite likely that the eBay batteries can provide 70Wh, I don't think they will be able to do that for many cycles.


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