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(More) Fun with bnl

Posted <2017-07-15 Sat 22:27> by Aaron S. Jackson.

On Tuesday the School of Computer Science has organised an event for the morning of the graduation. The hope is to give the graduands an idea of what it would have been like if they studied in the school ~30 years ago.

So far Steve B has got a Sun 3/160 booting (although unfortunately with a SCSI2SD, not a real disk). I will be bringing in my VAXstation 3100 M76 and a VT420 terminal. I'll also be bringing in a RL02K cartridge, just to show how big 10MB was back then. I tested my VAXstation today and it is booting fine. I'll probably leave it running tetris or something.

Aside from the Sun, bnl has some more interesting gear which he has offered to bring. A PDP-11/23 and a PDP-11/73. A TeleVideo 920C and a VT220. Sadly the PDP-11/73 won't boot into multi-user mode, so tonight we were trying to get that working again. Conclusion: MFM disk is dying. Sad story. Here are some photos my lounge from tonight:

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