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I have a PDP-11!

Posted <2017-08-04 Fri 16:04> by Aaron S. Jackson.

At long last, I have a PDP-11/73! It's not quite in my arms yet. It's still at bnl's house, since he kindly picked it up for me (Thank you!). It is in the BA11 chassis from a PDP-11/23 PLUS, but that does mean it has the 22 bit Q-bus backplane, and therefore can take the 11/73 processor.

Full specs:

The plan for this machine is fix up my RL02 drives and install ULTRIX-11 3.1 onto the two RL02K packs. It will be wonderful.

Here are some photos!

BA11 chassis, PDP-11/23+PLUS

M8192 CPU (11/73)

Two M8067-LA (512K Memory)

M7195 (2 async SLU, clock and an extra 128K of RAM)

M8061 (RL02 disk controller)

M7504 (DEQNA ethernet controller)

M7546 (TK50 tape controller)

Pages which should be of use in trying to get the PDP-11 to boot:

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