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Playing around with MRTG

Posted <2017-08-17 Thu 13:18> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I already have a script to keep track of the statistics of my network switch, but I am thinking about replacing it with something a bit more efficient. My current graphs can be found here, but for how long?

Having seen it in use at the CompSci department, I thought I would give mrtg a try. You can see these graphs here. The nice thing about this is that it uses SNMP, which is much more efficient than my expect script. It also shows averages over time periods for each port. Finally, it works with my ER-Lite router.

Generally steps to configure it, primarily for my own reference:

cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir:/var/www/htdocs/' \
         --no-down \
         --ifdesc=name \
         --output /etc/mrtg.cfg \ \

indexmaker /etc/mrtg.cnf > /var/www/htdocs/


Here is the past week for my router's internal interface:

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