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Tiring week

Posted <2017-09-17 Sun 20:59> by Aaron S. Jackson.

It's been an exciting but tiring week. I built a small web demo for our work on 3D face reconstruction and we've had quite a lot of traffic. For a large portion of the time we have been processing around 2000 faces per hour. Traffic seems to have died down a bit now, to 1000 per hour or so.

Aside from a bunch of Twitter profiles, the website has been mentioned in a few other places. A D.O.N.G. (Do Online Now, Guys) video by Jake Roper, The Next Web and the Spanish version of Engadget.

Finally, on Friday and Saturday I was helping with the school's open days. The first day was quite horrible - I was talking about things I hadn't worked on and didn't know much about, nervously forgetting words which I can usually remember. Fortunately, on Saturday the virtual agent wasn't working, so I demonstrated the 3D face stuff. This went much better, I asked for some volunteers to try it out and it mostly went quite well.

Time for bed soon.

Update <2017-09-18 Mon 17:46> At this very moment we now have 1006 stars on GitHub and made it into the trending repositories for today. Feels good :)

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