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New Things!

Posted <2016-09-17 Sat 13:53> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I hate replacing my phone and would ideally keep the same phone until it doesn't work anymore. Unfortunately the OnePlus One is an exception, and in my defence it could be argued that it didn't work anymore… Although it never really worked at all. I don't know how they did such a terrible job. I will never recommend a OnePlus again. Two years of agony. Essentially, it just crashed, randomly, every few minutes of use. I put up with this for a long time.

When I first got the phone, there were other bugs, such as the screen not recognising touch events, which was fixed after several months of difficulty typing, thanks to a software patch. I think it is fair to say that in terms of build quality, the OnePlus One has been very good. I have dropped it many times without any significant damage… Software is a different story.

I replaced the OnePlus One with a Moto G4 - a low end Android device for about £150. I couldn't be happier. It hasn't crashed a single time, and runs all of my apps without too many issues. It's a slower phone, so occasionally it lags for a second. This is huge improvement over it rebooting randomly.

Moving onto the second "New Thing!" … I bought a bike! It's the first bike I have owned since I was a kid. After two weeks of walking to work, half an hour each way, I finally did it. Funny story though, it didn't fit in my car, so Tom had to cycle home from Decathlon (next to IKEA Nottingham). He seemed to enjoy the ride anyway. After speaking to the guy in the shop for a while, I went with a BTwin ELOPS 300 City Bike. It is a road bike, so any bumps in the pavement require standing up off the seat, but I love it.

I figured out that from locking my office door, to getting home, it takes a few seconds under 13 minutes. This is much better than 30 minutes of walking. Here is a low quality photo taken using my Moto G4 of my new bike :)

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