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Okay, DIY Oral Irrigator

Posted <2016-05-22 Sun 22:13> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I have a partially erupted wisdom tooth and it is difficult to keep clean. Sometimes it really needs to be cleaned well, and aside from seeing the dentist or buying an expensive oral irrigator, this is my only solution.

What you will need:

Cut both ends of the ethernet cable off. With pliers, remove the inner cores to leave you with a plastic pipe. Tape one end of the tube as securely as possible to the tap hole. Ensure it is positioned such that water will be able to easily flow into the tube.

For the other end, cut both ends of a Q-tip off to produce a very narrow tube. Tape this tube to the other tube. Switch on the tap. You should have a narrow high pressure yet of water to clean around your teeth.


Note: this should be interpreted more as a joke than anything serious. However, it actually does work very well.

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