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RL02 Progress

Posted <2018-03-17 Sat 20:38> by Aaron S. Jackson.

About a month ago I posted about cleaning RL02 heads in a warm isopropyl alcohol bath. Well, at around the same time, I ordered a "tested" RL02K pack so I could nervously give it a try. The pack was about £75 shipped, so not ridiculously expensive, but not something you want to break within a few minutes of getting. Fortunately, the computing gods heard by cry of "here goes" before pressing the load button, and it did not crash. Woo! This means my cleaning of the heads was sufficient.

Unfortunately the fault lamp still comes on shortly after loading the pack. I hooked up the osmelloscope to see the servo burst data and there was none until I pushed the head in slightly further. So, the question is, why aren't the heads loading far enough to get to track 0?

I'm not sure yet. Going to ask some people and read the manual a few more times. The main thing is I'm just really glad that I haven't destroyed an RL02K pack.

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