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Uhoh, fat again

Posted <2019-02-03 Sun 11:42> by Aaron S. Jackson.

During last year's summer, my housemate and I cycled a lot. Every weekend we did a 40-50km ride, and cycled quite often during the evenings too. By the end of this, I'd reached my lowest weight since being an "adult" - 79kg. Since then, the grams have gradually piled back on, and in excess of what it was before summer - around 86kg.

I think my main problem is portion size. I like to have big meals. Over the next few months, I'm going to try and me more considerate about this, maybe to the point of weighing out rice. Anyway, it will be spring again soon and I can get on my bike without my nose freezing.

In more positive news, this year's January (perhaps my least favourite month) was actually quite good. The past few Januaries had been pretty rubbish:

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