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WEFax and HF Radio Stuff

Posted <2019-06-20 Thu 22:54> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Couple of weeks ago I purchased a second hand Yaesu FT450 all-band HF radio. I've been having quite a lot of fun with it. Just the other day I transmitted RTTY at 10w, and was able to receive using an online SDR in the south of England.

I've also been having fun with fldigi. It's sort of crazy that weather fax are still being broadcast (see image below). My problem at the moment with FLDigi is that plugging in any of my USB to Serial adapters for CAT control, raises the noisefloor of the line output, so much that I am unable to decode anything. I have ordered a RS232 ExpressCard (… hahaha), which will arrive tomorrow. Just as well too as I have the day off tomorrow!

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