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Garmin Varia UT800

Posted <2020-04-10 Fri 21:49> by Aaron S. Jackson.

Advised by my bother (who also cycles), my Mum got me a Garmin Varia bike light for my birthday. It's not actually my birthday yet but COVID-19 blah blah blah. Actually quite impressed with its almost literally blinding performance. Went for a ride this evening and having a random day flash before transitioning to constant on definitely improved my visibility. I haven't really noticed it yet because it didn't get particularly dark before getting home, but supposedly the beam angle and brightness will change depending on speed. Interesting…

<2020-04-16 Thu 22:08> So I was a bit naughty and the rear bike light was on offer so I decided to buy that too. The light has an integrated radar so you can see cars approaching you from behind just by glancing at your cycling computer. It is a bit of a gimmick but it can only make you safer. To answer the obvious question of "why don't you just use a mirror?", well, mirrors don't beep when a car approaches. Of course, still worth looking over your shoulder if you are about to change lane or dodge a pot hole, but if the Garmin tells you a car is approaching, it may be best to keep looking forward to avoid any accidental swerving.

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