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Getting to Wales

Posted <2021-04-08 Thu 20:39> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I've been quiet on the blog so far this year. Been working on some projects but they haven't been going great so not posted about them yet. Anyway…

I have to go to Wales tomorrow as my Nan isn't doing too well and I'm not sure how many times I will get to see her again at this rate, or even if she will remember me. I believe pandemic restrictions end on Monday anyway, so I'm not feeling too guilty about it.

Normally I would drive to Wales but I've started to really hate having a car. I basically just don't use it and its a huge expense and I have to park it on the road. In Nottingham, I either cycle or walk and don't travel around the UK enough to have it. This is ignoring the huge problem of the carbon emissions of a huge metal box for one person to travel around too.

I packed everything I need tonight and went for a quick ride around the 'block' to make sure the weight distribution was ok. I'll stick a photo below. It was alright once you get a bit of momentum going, felt a bit wobbly starting though. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I need the backpack for my laptop but I'd really rather find a better solution for that in the future.

<2021-04-11 Sun 17:54> I'm currently on train 2 of 2 returning from my parents' house to Nottingham. It went surprisingly well and had no real hiccups on the train. Of course (as usual) the train from Holyhead was late. Riding around North Wales was amazing. This will be my preferred way of getting to and from Wales now, and likely other places in the UK too.

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