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A nice "Personal Day"

Posted <2019-05-17 Fri 22:12> by Aaron S. Jackson.

I booked today off. I get so much holiday time allocated it's actually quite difficult to use it all. This week though I felt like I wanted a day off and it ended up being nice. My intention was to go to B&Q or Screwfix and pick up some wood stain and sanding paper to protect the PiDP-11 base. Unfortunately other things got in the way and I couldn't bring myself to go, which made me feel a bit miserable for a while.

Instead, I baked my favourite cake, bara brith (the trick is to use Muscovado sugar instead of brown). I also got my breadmaker, Doughbert, to make me a loaf and because it was warm today, it turned out really well - light and fluffy. Pics of those below :) In between baking I listened to a few records and had a chat with Dave over AX.25.

In other news, I will submit my thesis on Monday. It took me longer to finish this than I originally intended. I'm going to put this down to laziness on my part. Glad to finally be submitting though. My viva will be in July :)

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